Friday, January 7, 2011

Chapter's End

Well, here it is, folks, my last day at this job. This chapter is ending, the next one is just a page-turn away. I'm excited and nervous. I'm about to re-join the ranks of the uninsured, the low-incomed. I've been here before, and I'm happy to be here again, because it means new experiences and new horizons.

No longer will I be trolling the internet, looking for something to eliminate my boredom, thank goodness. I'll be busy! Studying! Working! Gardening! Knitting! Living my broke-ass life to it's fullest.

I hope that yoga & good nutrition can keep Philip and me healthy, that my car & home remain sound, and that I get all A's.

Here's to the future!


Mrcnsmile said...

good luck!!!

Shaunna said...

You can do it!! But can you keep blogging?!? I hope so :)