Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Changing Tactics

Well, I've put in over 30 applications at Seton hospitals thus far, and been declined for waaaay too many of them. It's time to change tactics.

I think I would be a more viable candidate for Seton if I had some experience with real! live! patients, or had my certification as a nurse's aid. (well, both, actually) There's a program that would give me the certification in 5 weekends, but it's $800, so scratch that. I think there's a more economical way. (plus, I don't have eight hundred bucks just lounging about, waiting to be spent)

All I have to do to get the certification is to pass a written & hands-on test. So, I'm going to look for a job at a nursing home, or some other facility where I can learn and practice the skills I'd need, and I've found some free online study guides for the written material. I'm still going to keep applying at Seton, but hopefully some experience with real, live humans can give me more desirable qualities as a candidate. I'm sure that being able to do basic things like take blood pressure and measure blood sugar will go a long way on my application.

Someone once told me that the moment you write your business plan, you begin rewriting, revamping and refining it. So, here I go!


Nom de Plume said...

Way to flip that script! (get it? script? prescription? LOL! I slay me!)

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, everyone I know seems to be rewriting and reinventing for 2011. It gives me high, high hopes, for all of us! Plug on!