Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh yeah, they love me

Since Mogz got sick, and all research points to kibble (even high-end kibble) being the culprit, I've decided to feed the kids a meat-based diet. I scoured the internet, and I have to tell you that it wasn't that easy to find information about pet diets that don't involve grains. Even my beloved Dr. Pitcairn uses them... I just don't agree. I can't see ancestral dogs cooking grains for consumption. Maybe a little raw grain... but they don't even have thumbs, for Pete's sake!!
I've been sort of winging it for the last week or so. Some sources say feed them 1% of their body weight, some say 2% to 3%. I'm not sure what to go by. I got some advice - feed them 1% for a week. If they're begging for more food after a week of eating this way, increase the amount. Except... I don't trust my dogs... but what the hell, I'll give it a try. Honestly, my friend is feeding her GIANT dog 1% of his body weight, and if he's doing okay, it's probably fine.
So, I'm starting out with just chicken. I've gotten some thighs and legs, some turkey necks, some livers and some veggies. It's all hacked up into manageable bits, and portioned out into baggies.
May I just say that the doggies LOVE IT. They are SO excited when dinner time comes. Now, anyone who has been at my house around dinner time knows that my dogs get REALLY excited about dinner. Imagine my surprise at their ability to muster even MORE excitement! They're actually less troublesome about it, though. Like they're afraid that if they get too rambunctious, I'll take away the good stuff. Heh. That's right, kids! Don't misbehave!!

Unfortunately, Mogz isn't quite ready to enjoy all of this. She's still being force fed. :( I hope she decides to eat soon, because force feeding her is breaking my heart!


Nom de Plume said...

How did you get the name "Mogz" for your dog? Is it short for something?

Alyce said...

Mogz is my cat, and it's short for Mogquai.
See this blog post for why she's named that: